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  • Proteus is a brand strategy, design and communications agency. Based in Berkshire, we collaborate with clients throughout the UK and around the world, from the big and global to the small and local.

We were established in 2001 and have since built many long-term client relationships. We measure our success by their success.

Being a full service design agency, we can help you with anything from branding and design to building websites and mobile apps or ongoing online social marketing campaigns.

We help businesses find their voice, project their personality and fulfil their potential through the integration of brand strategy, creativity and technology.

Many large agencies rely on administrative staff to interpret and relay what clients want. At Proteus your vision won’t get lost in translation as you speak directly to creatives. This results in more effective and relevant solutions for our clients. We avoid overly complex methodologies and jargon and offer a refreshing, straight-forward approach and let our work speak for itself.

To discuss how we might help you with your next project, please call us on 0118 973 7409, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit an enquiry via our contact page.


Where does your brand sit within your marketplace? Does it answer what your users are looking for? How does your brand differentiate you to your competitors? We can define your brand strategy by testing it against this criteria, develop a proposition and bring your brand to life.

We can create brands from scratch, or refresh and reposition existing brands. The key to creating successful brands is by gettting to the heart of what you do, what you want to be and how you want to be seen. Through careful and considered strategic and creative thinking we will define and articulate exactly what you stand for, what makes you relevant, attractive, credible and distinctive.

We deliver unique custom-built digital solutions that drive traffic to websites, raise profiles and ultimately lead to business. We create and implement fully integrated strategies including responsive website design, SEO, email marketing, viral marketing, video and beyond.

Printed communications are a way of delivering information that requires no special software or hardware and that’s more portable than any laptop or iPad (and the battery never runs out). From brochures for orthopaedic surgical instruments, to annual reports for environmental organisations, through to direct mail and press advertising for the automotive sector, we will deliver compelling and effective printed communications.

Internal communications can be overlooked – it’s no coincidence that the world’s leading brands also have the most highly engaged employees. Corporate internal communications are vital to effective employee engagement, and employee satisfaction drives financial performance. Through branded communications such as email campaigns, staff magazines, digital newsletters and infographics we will help you get your staff on board, on brand and on message.

Visualising data into an infographic allows complex products, systems or information to be conveyed in an easily digestable, visual form that can carry ideas, subjects, issues, statistics and questions with a minimum of words. The rich and powerful visual content of well designed infographics can educate, engage, entertain and inspire your audience. Fun and interesting content is also readily shared by your audience (which is great for SEO and brand awareness).

We have extensive experience in environmental and exhibition design, from award-winning exhibition displays at the Chelsea Flower Show, through to interactive automotive exhibtion stands at the NEC

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